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Zero Energy on a Modest Budget 
The CT Zero Energy Challenge is a design and build competition showcasing super high efficiency homes built in Connecticut. Revival Homes won three in categories with this home.
2015 CT Zero Energy Challenge Winner 
  • Overall Winner (tied)
  • Lowest Net Annual Operating Cost (1st)
  • Lowest HERs score (2nd)



Completed homes are assigned a performance score based on the presence of energy-efficient features that curb overall energy use. The Challenge uses RESNET Rating Standards to determine each completed home's HERS Index. The home's HERS Index, coupled with other factors including the cost effectiveness of the project and the home's total estimated energy use are utilized to determine the winners.


Total Cost of Ownership The goal for this project was to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (mortgage cost + energy costs + maintenance costs) for this house over the next 30 years.



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